The company specialises in the production of high-quality wines and is managed directly by the Marcon family, who painstakingly supervise every single phase in the winemaking process, all the way from the vineyard to the cellar.

In the vineyard, the amount of grapes being harvested is strictly limited, and the grapes themselves are subject to stringent checks; if necessary, the vines are pruned while the grapes are forming. In addition, chemical treatments are limited to the bare minimum: only mechanical processes are used (no weed killers), alongside natural fertilisers, with a view to defending the vine both biologically and microbiologically.

In the cellar, the entire winemaking process takes place at controlled temperatures: from the mechanical soft-pressing operations carried out during the night, when temperatures are lower, to vinification in stainless-steel tanks. For the fermentation of the must, we use native yeasts that are found naturally in the bloom on the grapes, along with selected yeasts; the aim is to boost the tipicity of the wines and avoid any hint of blandness. Each racking operation is executed as delicately as possible, with stabilisation being carried out exclusively at low temperatures in order to promote natural settling. For filtration, we use nothing but latest-generation technologies in order to avoid any recourse to chemical agents.

History of the Marcon Family

In 1903, the great-grandfather of the current generation, Erminio Marcon, acquired the first plot of land in the small village of Campo di Pietra, and dedicated his energies to the cultivation of grapes and the production of wine in his small cellar at home.

His passion was passed on to his son Antonio and, subsequently to his grandsons Roberto and Erminio, who orchestrated the unstoppable growth of this small, family winery, without compromise to its traditions or the quality of its products.

The results of the family’s commitment and determination were showered with praise time and again, so at the end of the 1960s the old cellar complex was expanded and new plots were purchased, transforming what had been until then a little family business into a far larger concern.

In 1995, the company acquired an 85-hectare estate in the CLASSIC Lison Pramaggiore zone and – taking due account of the suitability of this area for vine cultivation, while also leveraging the Marcon family’s decades of winemaking experience – the decision was taken to build a new winery there.

Work began immediately on the methodical replanting of the vines using modern approaches geared towards making the most of the varietal characteristics and the particular features of the terroir.

In 2010, the new winery entered into service, and the same year saw the creation of the new “Torre Maschia” brand for wines made exclusively from grapes grown on the estate’s vineyards. For 4 generations, the Marcon family has been producing high-quality wines that are sold and enjoyed the world over.

The “Torre Maschia” brand

The Lison Pramaggiore area – where the estate is located and where vines have been cultivated since at least 300 BC, during the Roman empire – was at one time managed by tenant farmers, who monitored their plots from their homes, which generally featured one section that was taller than the rest of the house; this part was referred to as the “torre maschia” (roughly equivalent to the English term “keep”), which afforded a panoramic view across their surrounding lands.

In order to forge a link with this part of the world, our winery is bringing back this typical tower in a modern key, using it for the name and the logo of the wines made from grapes grown on the estate.

The branding depicts the characteristic square-plan tower of these historic structures that formed part of the houses of the sharecroppers who cultivated the vine centuries ago – the same structure found today at the new winery.

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